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Ways To Make Your House More Relaxing


If you’re not a feng shui expert, it’s probably hard to find a right balance for your home when it comes to a stress-free environment. But fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a ton of books, experts or designers to tell you how to make your house more relaxing.

I have 20 ways right here in this article of how to improve your house to make it more relaxing, combining some feng shui common sense concepts with hours of online research.


Some of you may have a green thumb when it comes to flowers and gardening, which is actually great because flowers lighten up the mood and, placed in the living area, they can really improve your relaxing space by giving fresh air and nice smells. But for those of you that keep coming home to a dead orchid it can get frustrated.

Don’t worry, there are plants out there for you too! You can go and buy some succulents. They are super easy to maintain and freshen up the air real nicely. If you want something that has even more low maintenance, go with air plants.

Welcome mats

Your home starts at the door so why not buy a nice welcome mat? They come in various shapes and forms and even have funny messages written on them. You can have a good laugh while you’re searching for your keys to unlock the door.

Mount holders around the house

Some of us keep losing important stuff around the house and it gets frustrating trying to search for them every time. My solution is to simply install mount holders on the walls around the house to easily find my phone, remote controls or even car keys.

Scented candles

We always end up buying a ton of scented candles that just end up collecting dust. Even though we love candles, they may become somewhat unnecessary at times. To satisfy your need for scents in the house I suggest buying a big candle (they sell ones that burn for up to 40 hours) and placing one in each room of interest. If you are not crazy about candles but still like a nice scent once in a while, you can buy some scented sticks and place them all over.

Oil diffusers are good too. They give you a calming scent and a good night sleep. You can use lavender in the bedroom, lotus for the entire home and anything for the bathroom.

Wall art

There are two kinds of people: those who love all their art hanged, and those who have all blank walls. If you’re from the first category, you might be confronted at times with busy, cluttered walls. The solution to that is grouping all your pictures and frames into one big gallery wall display. It even works with different frame shapes and styles so let your imagination work.

Pops of color

If your house has a predominant neutral color palette, it is best that you place some furniture or accessories that bring up a splash of color. There are many ways you can do that, from a colorful wall lamp, to adding a little nature to your house with some agates on the shelves.

Shadow boxes

You don’t have to be a retiring sailor to put your belongings into a shadow box. Nowadays, these are used to gather up all your knick knacks that don’t quite find a place in your house. They look great on walls or on shelves. You can also make one of these every time you travel and collect a lot of unnecessary stuff you won’t be using anymore, like bus tickets and so on.

Choose the right colors

The experts have spoken! In order to give your house the maximum chill effect, you must use earth tones and cool colors. Blues and greens and all their derived colors are always a good idea if you want to feel calm and relaxed when you get home. Another option is to keep your walls in the classic white. Whichever option works best with your personality.

Decorate your couch and bed

These two places are the ones on which you spend the most time when you’re at home. So why not splurge a bit and buy some comfy throw pillows and comfy blankets to put on your couch? For the bed you can opt out for some faux fur blankets that may be insanely expensive, but they’ll be your best friend when you want to chill or you want to outrun a cold.

Organize your night stands

Because you sleep right next to them, it may get frustrating to wake up to a total clutter. Instead, you can keep just the essentials on top of them and the rest stored away nicely under. For the tech savvy ones, hiding a power strip inside the night stand might be a great idea to be able to charge all your gadgets.


Lights are important to set the mood right. But don’t settle for your usual light above the head. Instead, you can opt out for some floor and table lamps to minimize the harsh overhead light. Multiple small light sources in a room will really be setting your relaxing mood on.

Organize your drawers

Because we talked earlier that it’s best to organize your night stands, organizing your cluttered drawers is a good idea too. That way you can find anything at any given moment, whether it’s that super glue you were searching or just a tag.

Clear your entryway

The first thing you see when you come into your house and the last one when you go out is your entryway. Having a clean, organized, entryway will give you a calming sensation. Putting your keys, coat and shoes right by the door can save up a lot of stressful searching too.

You can find online a lot of organizing ideas to give you the space you really want.

The Most Important Tips For Decorating Your Home And Making It Perfect


When it comes to decorating a home, there are some things you should do and some that you must avoid at all cost. In any case, making a mistake isn’t a thing you want to do, simply because you will end up with a home that looks awful and spending time inside isn’t very pleasant. On the other side, there are some things you will want to do. They can be treated as the best and the most important tips for decorating your home. In addition, following these tips will make sure you don’t make any mistake and you will make your home perfect. An interesting addition is the fact all of them, are simple and easy to follow.

    Avoid overcrowding a room

You probably know that most people like having as many pieces of furniture as possible in their homes. Although, this may look interesting, it is a mistake. It is mandatory not to overcrowd your home, or to give it an opportunity to ‘’breathe’’. Beside you will be able to move across a room better, your room will look better as well and spending time will be more pleasant, simply because you will have the feel that you are in a relaxed environment. It is a much better choice to get modern and well-made furniture, but less items than to get a lot off the furniture but for a low money.

    Doing choose the wall paint color at the beginning

Painting your walls may be the most important thing you can do and it will have an impressive effect on the home, but it shouldn’t be done at the beginning. It is mandatory to choose the color after you have completed all other tasks. As the end result, you will be able to match the paint and the furniture and artwork, so you will get a complete home. Keep in mind that this is one of the most important advices that all decorators suggest.

    Match the furniture and rugs

Adding rugs to your home is perfect choice, but you should know how to do it. In essence, you can cover the space under the furniture with rugs, just in front of them or just at back sides. Any way you choose is a great choice, but keep in mind that placing rugs under the furniture is the safest and the most practical choice.

    Pay attention to the garden

If you have a house, decorating backyard and a garden is mandatory as well. This means that you must invest a bit of money in those areas. An interesting and the most popular thing you can do is to use bar tables. A great addition is the fact there is the best commercial bar tables wholesale, close to you, no matter where are you. They are more than just affordable, durable and they look interesting. Most decorators claim that they are the best and the cheapest way to improve a garden or a backyard. In addition, you will enjoy spending time there, and you may get the feel you are at a bar.

    Hanging the artwork

The most important fact when it comes to artwork is that it should match the interior of your home. However, there are no rules here, so you can get any painting you are going to like. On the other side, hanging the artwork is defined. It means that you must hand it on the right height. The galleries will hang their paintings on 60 inches from the floor, simply due to the fact the human eyes (average) are 57 inches from the floor. You should do the same, simply because you will get the best effect and you will like spending time looking at the paintings. In addition, this tip also increases the professionalism in your home and makes it better decorated. Keep in mind that this is a simple and small tip that has a huge effect on the décor.

    Make one item the most important one

Placing a lot of items in your room won’t have a great effect. At the same time, making all of them equally important, this a mistake, you should make one item or one thing mandatory and the most important. It may be the fireplace, usually this is the most common choice. When you have chosen it, make sure all other items and furniture are focused on it. This will create an amazing effect and it will draw attention of your guests and yourself. As the end result, your room will look amazing and special, so your guest will have a great time. Keep in mind that the main item can be anything you want, but it should look amazing and be interested.

    Pay attention to the scale

Just because something looks amazing in a store, doesn’t mean it will look perfectly in your home. Make sure you match all the items, so all of them have similar sizes. This is the biggest secret of most decorators, simply because it will make a home better scaled and matched. As the end result, you will feel more pleasant inside a home. An interesting fact is that adding a piece that is much larger than anything other in a room will create a unique effect, so it is a great way to make your room unique and original.

    Add a lot of lighting

If you pay attention, you will notice that lighting is more popular than ever. You can notice it in cities, in cars and in most homes. It is mandatory and the best thing you can do, simply because your home will look modern and interesting. At the same time, it will be more practical. No matter what type of lighting you choose, you won’t make a mistake. An interesting fact is that you can add as many lighting pieces as you like, and they won’t have a negative effect on your home.

8 Ways To Use Live-Edge Wood In Decorating Your House


People have been using live edge wood in decorating their houses for a long time now. This kind of decoration gives your house a touch of authentic. If you like your house to be modern and give it an organic look, these real wood decorating ideas are the right choices for you. Here are 9 ideas of how to integrate live edge wood into your home.

Bed headboard

Having a bed without a headboard can be a real pain in the neck for some people (literally!). If you are not the one to choose a upholstered, leather or a plain wooden headboard for your bed, a live edge wood one might be the winner for you. You can either use a big piece horizontally from one edge of the bed to the other, or you can line several pieces vertically and create a really interesting and minimalistic look. Mix the room up with some glass night tables and you have your perfect bedroom.

Coffee table

When dealing with a natural palette in your living room, wood might just be the perfect addition to the whole comfy feeling. Although there are various ways you can add wood furniture to your rooms, a live edge wood coffee table with modern legs is the perfect idea, especially if you have some nice fluffy rugs to match it.

Bar top

Own a house or apartment with an open space kitchen? Covering up your bar top with a live edge wood is the perfect addition to your kitchen, especially if you like that raw feeling that an old ranch houses gives you. Match that bar top with some shelves filled with nice plates and you have your very own piece of heaven right in your kitchen.

Floating shelves

Not to state the obvious, but live edge wood can be used as floating shelves. This kind of wood is the perfect wall decoration for any room.

The most useful place these shelves can be placed is the kitchen. When having a disorganized kitchen, shelves can help you arrange everything that you frequently use in an orderly fashion.


A live edge wood can become, with a bit of work and a lot of hardware, a sliding barn door. This idea isn’t for apartments, obviously, but it works beautifully in houses that want to maintain that traditional feel. It can be placed between the living room and dining room to make a visual statement of the two places, or used as an actual door for your bedroom.

TV stand

Even though it’s not actually live edge wood, lumber can be used in a lot of ways around the house. One of those uses can be a low TV stand. A block of raw wood can have wheels added and voila! The TV stand is ready and can be easily moved.

Stair rail or curtain rods

When you get tired of your living room, you always come up with new and ingenious ideas to redecorate. One of those ideas might be using raw wood as a curtain rod. It may be a little tricky to find the perfect rod, but the time will totally be worth it.

Raw wood can also be used as a stair rail. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a perfect pipe shape. Any similar shape will contribute to the whole feeling your new living room will have.


Since the furniture nowadays is becoming floating everything, a floating live edge countertop for your bathroom sink is the perfect idea. Remember to add some flowers and maybe a wood paneling to one of your walls to match the brand new countertop.

There are many more interesting ways to integrate live edge wood or raw wood into your home. For every space you have, there’s an idea out there waiting to be made real.

Minimalist Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms


Whoever said less is better known what they were talking about! Who likes having their bedroom crammed up with all sorts of stuff you really don’t need there?

Having a minimalist design for your bedroom can have a lot of advantages especially if you want to know where your stuff is at any given time (I won’t even mention the time it will take to clean everything up).

I came up with a few decorating ideas for themed minimalist bedrooms that needed to be shared.

Rustic bedroom

It’s true that you only sleep in your bedroom, but sometimes you need a little more than just your bed in there. For rustic fans, the solution is simple. A king sized bed made out of hard wood and tapestry can be placed in the middle of the room with a nice brown rug under it.

An armoire is a must to deposit your clothes. They make those out of hard wood as well so no need to worry about matching!

The last pieces that your minimalist rustic bedroom will be missing are the end tables. They are great for storage and you can put your phone overnight on them too (or flowers, why not?).

Wood accents

A bed in the middle of the room with a wooden frame screams minimalist. Add a wooden armchair and a discreet night table by the window and you have yourself the perfect bedroom.

No need for rugs, especially if you have hard wood floors. And if your windows are big, the lighting will not be an issue either. You can place a floor lamp beside the bed for reading purposes though.


Minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean fewer furniture pieces, but can also mean fewer colors. If you love your furniture in the bedroom but still want to go with a minimalist feel, use just a color in different shades. Minimalist designers often use greys or different shades of brown to incorporate this feeling into the bedrooms they design.

Bright colors

If you think that only one color may look boring, you can try coloring a wall in a really bright color. To keep it minimalistic you must have all the other furniture in a single color. This way the color impact will brighten up the room and making it look minimalistic instead of hindering the whole idea.

Combining furniture

Another simple idea to give your bedroom a minimalistic design is buying furniture that incorporates several pieces together. The most relevant example is a bed that incorporates the night tables and the headboard together. In some cases, this item is all you will need in your lovely bedroom. And maybe a fluffy rug.

Tips On How To Decorate Your Perfect House


A lot of people are getting in touch with designers or architects to help them design their perfect home. Some really know how your perfect dream house would look like by talking with you for 10 minutes, but some don’t really get the whole picture. How better can you avoid letting someone else manage your house decorating than by doing it yourself?

There are a few simple rules that need to be followed when decorating your house, rules that you can use to decorate your dream house in no time, without spending incredible amounts of money on designers. We have 4 gold rules for you in this article that will totally change your mind regarding on how easy it is to do it yourself.

Timeless design is a key concept

When decorating, you want to really have your house show who you are, let others see you through your choices. So don’t do clichés. Think about the fact that you probably won’t have the money or the time to decorate once every couple of years so go for the concept of timelessness.

Don’t chose that couch because it’s hip right now, chose it because it’s comfy, it has a neutral color, and can go with anything else you might buy along the years for your living room. Same goes for desks, curtains or anything else you might think it looks pretty now but might not represent you in a couple of years. The easy way to decorate your house room by room is to choose a color palette for each room and stick with it.

Mixing and matching

Mixing different period furniture is not an uncommon thing nowadays. Having a king sized 18th century bed with a drapery could go wonderfully with an ultra-modern wardrobe. The only rule here is to match the colors and the materials. And don’t even get me started on those curtains!

Small and comfy

When dealing with small spaces, whether it’s a living room or any other room in a house, it’s best to unify the look of the furniture and walls. For example, in the bedroom, having the same color shade for the furniture as the walls makes the entire room look bigger, as it blends them all together. The idea here is to feel comfy while giving the impression the smallest of spaces is actually quite big.

Another idea that can be used for small rooms is using a neutral color palette. To bring out these colors, you can use some color for the accessories.

Patterns: how to

Giving your house a little life is easy by using patterns. Although they are not really indicated for small spaces, they can go really well in those beautiful dining rooms or even in the kitchen.

It is important to know how to mix them, and if you don’t get it right the first time, just try again. To give you a little helpful tip, use heavy patterns combined with light ones and tie them up with a similar color to blend them nicely.

Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens


Not all of us are blessed with a spacious kitchen in which we can decorate as we want. Those tiny kitchens from apartments may seem a nightmare to design, but are actually quite easy to be made useful and comfy at the same time.

If you are a frequent cooker, storing the pots and utensils you need above your stove might be a very good idea. That way, anything you need will be right at hand. This idea works with the stuff you need near your sink as well.

If you don’t have a patio to store your canned goods, don’t fret. I bet you have a skinny place between your fridge and the wall. You can turn that space into a sliding kitchen cabinet that you can also decorate with a nice pattern to brighten up the room.

If you never find the right place to store your cookbooks, a hollow island might be the answer for you. You can also store platters and other accessories that you don’t regularly use year-round.

Extra storage in a tiny kitchen is a dream. By displaying your plates on a wall rack you get a nice wall art piece and the accessibility you need to find everything quick.

Because the counter space in little kitchens is vital, you can use baskets hung on rails to save your chopping station from all the unnecessary stuff that has been cluttering it.

Using your cabinet doors might save you the time and the space when it comes to cooking. If you add some black chalkboard paint to the whole door, you can also use it as a menu display.

Don’t forget to go vertical! Use your walls to store up anything you might need, but is stuffed away in some forgotten cabinet. Installing wall-mounted wire shelves can help you get better visibility of what you have in the kitchen. Pierced corbels are also a great way to hang larger kitchen utensils that will otherwise crown your drawers.

To make more cabinet space, you can use pegboards to hang your essentials. Another good idea is stackable shelves that let you use your cabinet’s height at its maximum. Don’t forget about the space above your cabinets either. You can stash extra stuff there in baskets or on a big shelve that can incorporate them all. Your cabinet doors can also hold some extra stuff by installing file holders for the saran wrap and foils you have stacked away in a drawer somewhere.

If you love eating in your small kitchen, adding a bar-height table might be just the thing you need. You will have triple benefits: extra counter space, extra storage space and a nice place to sit and eat, all at the same time!

Adding small shelves can help you a lot in organizing your condiments. Add them at the end of your cabinets and you have yourself a winner. You can also add them near your sink to organize all those cleaning supplies.

How To Decorate Your Walls


I have always had a problem with putting up pictures or paintings on walls, or even shelves with decorating stuff on them. What’s the right size/color/shape for them? What can go here, what can go there, and so on?

After a lot of online research I have finally come to master the skill of hanging stuff on walls that actually make the rooms look prettier. I’ll share my findings with you, divided by rooms.


The one thing that always works with any kitchen are the vintage retro posters. You know those A5 posters that our grandparents had when we were little? They are still totally in and they can easily decorate your free wall space in the kitchen with style.

Coffee lover? Where else could you display your mug collection better than on one of your kitchen’s walls! You can either buy a coffee mug rack or do one yourself! All you need are some ikea rails and some hooks and you’re done! Put several of them up and all your mugs will look spectacular.

Another thing that our grandparents used to have on their walls are plates. You can either put them on shelves or glue them directly on the wall and arrange them to make a cute pattern.

Living room

The best thing you can do in the living room is divide your artwork. If you have a picture that you love, just print it out in slices and frame it. It will look really good over your sofa.

Retro posters are also a good idea to decorate your living room walls. Especially if you have a cute wallpaper on the walls. Framed or simple, they will guarantee a nice comfy air to the whole space.

If you have a somewhat small house, but you’re still lucky enough to have a fireplace, a good idea might be to hang a mirror above it to make the living room look bigger.


This room is all about comfort and peace of mind. One thing you could do is hang some tapestry over the bed to give the impression that they blend together.

If you are wild at heart and have one of those country inspired bedrooms, another good idea might be printing out a full sized poster of a place you love and putting it on a wall facing your bed. That way, when you wake up you will get inspired instantly.

Even though other rooms may benefit from shelves on the walls, the bedroom is definitely on top of that list. Having shelves next to your bed can help you keep your stuff in hands reach. You can even put some pictures on them or stack some books for a goodnight reading.


The bathroom is the most tricky room in the house when it comes to wall decorating. Although most bathrooms benefit from having blank walls, others may look comfier with a few decorations here and there.

A good example for the bathroom can be some themed pictures framed over the toilet. Pictures with the sea, sand or anything related framed in plain wooden frames.

Another cute, but DIY, idea for the bathroom is a panel with collars that holds jars filled with anything you may need. From brushes to make up or cotton buds. Nice way to keep everything organized and looking good.

How To Decorate Your House In A Scandinavian Style


Every country in this world has its own, unique, way of decorating interiors. From the boho French flats, to the industrial like American condos, they are all beautiful in their own way. A new trend that has started a couple of years ago and is still present in the lives of many is the Scandinavian style houses.

The Scandinavian decor features relaxing family spaces that are just too beautiful to be true, thus their featuring on almost every interior design magazine out there.

If you are not from Sweden, don’t fret. There are a lot of stores that sell similar themed furniture around the world, like Ikea for example.

In this article I will go room by room, giving you some great ideas to decorate your house into the fabulous Scandinavian style.


Swedish kitchens often represent a large space with a lot of room, incorporating the dining room within them. You can either place a table in the kitchen and line up some simple wooden chairs to match it, or you can have the dining table next across the room, having the space delimited with a minimalistic bar.

The majority of such kitchens are painted white, with white furniture, but you can see a wood insertion here and there (like on the tabletops). Another great color is pale blue, but with only one wall painted.

The furniture is minimalistic, with nice neat lines, and with a lot of practicality. Lightning is also important in the kitchen, but the Swedish prefer to have several small lights over the one big overhead piece in the middle of the room.

Living room

The love of simplicity, natural elements and functionality is very present in this room. The overall design is minimalistic, with a couch, some armchairs, a coffee table and a bookshelf.

The predominant colors used are earth tones, but also greys and a lot of white. You won’t be seeing a lot of popping colors in such a living room, and it may be for the best because it creates the perfect relaxing space.

Integrating wood wherever that’s possible is a must in the Scandinavian decoration style. A wooden coffee table or some live edge shelves are the things that will give your living room the right mood.


Because Sweden has a somewhat colder weather than the rest, people will always enjoy long hot baths in a relaxing environment. Their bathrooms look incredible, while keeping that minimalistic style

White is the predominant color in this room also, with accents of wooden furniture.

Although bathtubs are preferred over showers, the available options for them are infinite. From open space showers, to showers with big glass walls and stones imprinted on the wall, everything to bring you closer to nature.

You might want to add some plants in the bathroom to finish up the details, but keep in mind the humidity level and the temperature.


The Scandinavian style appeals to us because of the cleanliness and sophisticated look it gives to our homes. The bedroom is not deprived of that look either. Having again white as a preponderant color, it adds interest to unexpected places.

Even though your bedroom might not be that big, you can still have the Scandinavian style with simple light fixtures, monochromatic bedding and minimalistic art on the walls.

But just because most Scandinavian rooms are monochromatic, doesn’t mean that you can’t add a touch of color in the bedroom, combined with clean lines and textures, color can fit right in the Scandi decor.

Another thing that can totally give your bedroom that style you are looking for is putting the bed on the floor. Without a frame and a headboard you can maximize the large, open space characteristic of your brand new Scandi space.

Don’t forget to bring some outdoor plants in your bedroom too. They make a wonderful addition to your bedroom and really freshen up the air effortlessly.

Decorating Ideas For Homes On The Seaside


Beach houses are the best, and decorating them accordingly is a challenge I will never get tired of. The natural beauty of your home can be enhanced with simple ideas like using crisp whites, splashes of color and sea-themed accents. Here are some tips on how to decorate your house if you’re the lucky owner of a beach house.

Breakfast nooks

Having a breakfast nook is one of the perks of beach houses. Decorating it deliberately with mismatches seats, a colored rug and some flowers gives it that special something that will truly make you to enjoy your breakfast.

To better evoke the beach, you can go with nature-inspired furniture and pops of color. Having a colored table with chairs in a sandy tone will tie the space together real nicely.

For that sophisticated look you can opt out for some Victorian inspired seating and a massive wood round table.

Sitting area

Having a porch is not necessarily a boring thing. You can brighten things up with some colorful chairs or a nice comfy sofa. Adding some overhead lightning will give you the perfect little bit of heaven in the evenings when you can read a book and hear the calming ocean.

Open kitchens

For beach houses, open kitchens are the go-to idea. Having them colored all white creates a visual interest. Adding some wood details will give it the rustic feel you need to complete your decor.

A kitchen island with a big white marble countertop is another good idea. Mix that with open shelves and you have yourself the dream kitchen. Adding some industrial looking stools will also be a nice touch.

Front porch

Besides a swing chair, you can add to your front porch a ton of hooks. That way you will always have in handy all your hats and beach wear. You can also use them for decorating purposes by hanging up some plants.

Big living areas

Having a beach house guarantees you the fact that it is going to be super easy to decorate. Making your indoor space flow seamlessly with the outdoors will brighten up the entire house and give you the impression of a really big living area. Using a similar color palette in the living room and in the porch, with big glass sliding doors, will give you a maximized view you will love.

If your living area is not that big, you can add color to it and give the impression it’s huge by using a scheme of a single hue color. Blue is preferred in such cases, especially for beach houses.

Wall art

Wall art is an important piece in every house. For beach houses I recommend using a lot of sea themed pictures, framed or not. You can either arrange them all over the house or put them together on a blank wall to create a centerpiece that will look stunning.

You can also add some nice shelves filled with sea themed objects, like a compass or some sea shells.

Everything wood

Wood is an important element that must be present in beach houses. From hard wooden floors, to beautiful antique furniture, you just can’t go wrong with this style.

Adding live edge wooden shelves will give your house a more natural look too. Or a live edge wood coffee table to complete your white comfy couch.

Color is essential

Having a coastal themed beach house is nothing without the right colors. Some designers prefer a sandy palette when it comes to the living room, and some tones of blue for the kitchen. Although, according to fengshui specialists, red is the color to go for the kitchen, you can tweak that by using coral shades and everyone will be happy, especially your eyes.

Adding turquoise to your living room will give you a comfy feeling of watery pleasure. If you don’t want all your walls painted in that, you can opt out for all white walls with pops of blues in your accessories.

Colored throw pillows for your couch are the next best thing. Match that with a colored rug and you have yourself a perfect living room.

For the bedroom it is best to keep it simple and opt out for a white and grey color palette to keep your space relaxed and pleasant.


If your living area permits, you can have a beautiful candle chandelier installed above the sofas. The industrial feel will go hand in hand with the sea side feel of your house. Adding extra light fixtures around the house can contribute to the intimate feeling your home will give you.

The kitchen has to be well illuminated so you can go for some industrial lights and a led strap along the cutting board for better visibility.

The bedroom can benefit from lamps placed on both sides of the bed for reading purposes, and maybe a floor lamp for those rainy summer afternoons you want to spend in bed watching TV.

Clever Solutions For The Unused Space Under The Stairs


Nowadays, more and more people chose to live in houses rather than in apartments. Houses will almost surely double peoples living space, and more often their storage space.

Anybody can get excited about getting a house that has multiple levels, but when it comes to using those spaces under the stairs, they often end up packing them with boxes without giving them a chance to really be useful for the entire household.

If you haven’t gotten yet to the decorating part of your home (or re-decorating, why not), this article is just the thing you need! Here are a few ideas of how to utilize that space under your stairs.

Mini home office

If you sometimes have to work from home, but you haven’t yet found a perfect place to put your desk, fear no more! You can adjust an L shaped desk in the space under the stairs and give yourself the perfect spot to think.

The L shaped desk works wonderfully if you have a similar shaped wall to put it against to. If not, you can use just a regular desk and add some shelves for the extra papers that you need stored in handy.

Clever drawers

If you want your boxes from under the stairs to get more organize, you can always install drawers under there. There are a lot of models that can be used to please your storage needs, from big drawers with dividers, to many small drawers that can hold a lot of stuff.

You can also install vertical drawers to help keep all your shoes organized!


If you are a person that really loves books, you must have a lot of them! Besides your usual bookcase, you can install an extra one under the stairs. If your room permits, you can also add two comfy chairs and a rug in front of it to make meet your reading needs even more!

But bookcases don’t necessarily only contain books. You can add a ton of decorations in the unused shelves too.

Reading nook

Back to the book lovers, and not only! A reading nook under the stairs can be the perfect spot to spend the evenings. It’s not a hard idea to be put in practice. You just need a couple of palets and some comfy cushions to fill the top of them and it’s ready.

Adding some light or some Christmas lights can make the spot even more comfy and private, allowing you to plunge into those books entirely.

Dog pen

Having a puppy can be a lot of work sometimes, especially when the little one is growing up and you have to leave for work. A simple solution to train your dog to stay home alone while you are away is building him a dog pen. And because you have that extra unused space under your stairs, it can be the perfect spot to install it. Add a light, some big cushions and a wired fence door and your puppy will be comfy and trained in no time!

If your dog is grown up and sleeps happily when you are away, you can take out the door and make him a cute comfy dog bed instead.

A perfect space for a closet

Even though your clothes are stored away in your wardrobe, there’s never too much space for clothes, especially for women. Having a under the stairs closet is a perfect solution when dealing with seasons. If it’s summer you can simply store your winter clothes and shoes in there and rotate them when the cold season comes.

This idea also helps you when it comes to sort out the things you don’t wear anymore, making it easier for you to take out the clothes you want to give to goodwill.

Under stair pantry

If your kitchen space prevents you from having a well-organized pantry, the unused space under your stairs might come to the rescue. You can add a door for delimiting the space and some shelves to arrange all your jars nicely on each wall of your newly made pantry. Don’t forget to add a light inside for better visibility.

Portable bar

When keeping a minimalistic household, it is hard to find space to meet your every need. Having a large bar may be too much for your living room. Installing some drawers and making a portable bar with wheels that fits right under the staircase can be the right solution for you. Feel like you want a drink? Just stroll the bar out of its place and pour yourself a nice glass of beverage. When you are done with it, you can easily tuck the bar right in its place and no one will ever know where you keep the fine whiskey.

Tiny bathroom

If your under the stairs space is generous, you can even try installing a tiny bathroom for your guests. This solution is great especially for those that don’t have a first floor bathroom. All you need is a toilet and a sink and it’s done. These might need to be in smaller sizes than the regular ones but you can find them at your local shops without worries.

Play space

If you have kids, they could be the ones to benefit the most out of the space under your stairs. Making a comfy play space with cushions and blankets can make the perfect spot for your little ones to play in.

You can even be creative and construct them a tiny doll house in which they can play.

Shoe closet

Because everyone loves shoes, you often don’t have the right space to store them in. But you’re in luck! You can turn that wasted space under your stairs in a nice shoe closet. All you have to do is install some shelves of different dimensions (don’t forget about the heights of your boots) and put some doors over them. You can also try sliding doors for that extra saved space.